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Why You Need a Sponsor, Not a Mentor!

There is plenty of advice out there about the importance of getting a mentor to help us along our career journey, but Cecilia Harvey, tech founder and champion of diversity in technology, believes that women should actually be focusing more on finding a sponsor. “Without a sponsor,” says Harvey, “it can be a tough career climb and, quite frankly, you can be killing yourself and not actually get anywhere while you watch someone more strategic about their relationships and alliances get promoted.”

Mentorship vs. Sponsorship: What’s the Difference?

“A mentor”, explains Harvey, “is someone who can give you impartial advice and the benefit of their own experience. They may be in your organisation but could be someone in the same industry or even someone who has been through similar experiences and is a step or more ahead. A sponsor is someone who actually has some impact on your career, who can promote you, or at least put forward a case for promoting you. They can influence others within your organisation and industry to take notice of you and take you seriously, In short, it’s someone who believes in you and is a decision maker. They are a key stakeholder in your career progression.” So, how do you find a sponsor?...

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